Commercial Services

The main Commercial Services that Heights Plumbing & Heating provides:

  • Mechanical Contracting – Most of our Business is in the Commercial side of construction. We still perform the Plumbing, in-house, as we have since our inception. Heights Plumbing & Heating Inc. has been working successfully with subcontractors to complete portions of our scope including HVAC&R, Pipe and Duct Insulation, Temperature Controls, Utilities, Geo Thermal.
  • Utilities – Most Utility work we perform in-house as well, but we can and do hire utility subcontractors to help us with the project, depending on size.
  • Medical Gases – Certified Tie-Ins, Area Alarms, Zone Valves, Distribution Piping for Medical Gas Wall Outlets. We provide a Complete system including Purity and Cross Connection Certifications.
  • Water Harvesting – From 2 – 2,500 gallon above ground tanks, a 10,000 gallon buried fiberglass tank reclaiming the water for landscaping, and a 25,000 Gallon Atlantis Rain Tank from Wahaso with Vortex Filter and Digital Screen Display.
  • Geo-Thermal – We have subcontracted this work successfully on three different projects around the state. We anticipate this will increase in the near future, and are ready for the work.
  • Service Contracts – Heights Plumbing & Heating Inc. has numerous service agreements, including School Districts throughout the state, Correctional Facilities, and Private Facilities.
  • Home Building – We have done the Plumbing and Heating for several Custom Homes in New Mexico.